Accounts Payable

This can include writing cheques, or entering cheques written by the business, and monitoring the payments and expenses. Checking for duplicates, and any overpayments that may have been made. Helping to set up a petty cash fund with controls. Payables online can also be arranged, if desired.

Accounts Receivable

Invoices can be written directly through the accounting software, or recorded and maintained through the books. Accounts receivable reports can be provided, as monitoring receivables is such an important function for any business. Statements for overdue accounts can be sent.

Bank Reconciliations

Bank reconciliations allow the business to monitor their cash flow, it is a safeguard against fraud, and ties the books together.

Payroll & Employment Expenses

Payroll is one of the largest expenses that any company can have. It is important that this is set up in an appropriate manner, partly to monitor these expenses, but also to fulfill the government requirements when it comes to payroll. In addition a direct deposit payroll can be arranged.

GST/HST Returns

It is important to maintain the schedule that has been set up with the government, and to ensure that the returns have been properly calculated along with claiming all input tax credits that the client is entitled to.

EHT Returns

The payroll needs to be monitored, and if it reaches the maximum deductible then the Employer Health Tax needs to be calculated, and the returns submitted. At year-end the EHT reconciliation must be completed as required by the provincial government.

WSIB Returns

If required, WSIB returns will be completed. Records will be checked to ensure only employees that should be included in the calculations are, and that they have not reached the maximum. At year-end the WSIB reconciliation will be done, which is required by the WSIB.


To complete records of employment when required for an employee.

Monthly/Quarterly Reporting

If the client desires ongoing reporting, such as income statements and balance sheets, this can be provided to the client.

Year-end Books:

This is to finalize the books and deliver them to the accountant. Notes are also provided in order to make the accountant’s job as easy as possible, and to save the client in accounting fees. This allows for the accountant to focus on what they are best at, calculating the taxes and doing the tax planning.

Customized Reports

Reports can be customized to the individual needs of the client.